Influencer Marketing Consultant

How to survive in the world of Instagram & Co?

As a freelance consultant in the field of influencer marketing & influencer relations, I offer companies with the necessary experience the opportunity to enable a sensible and, above all, sustainable integration of influencer marketing and relations in their marketing mix. 


In the first step, I would like to enable my customers to enter this fast-moving and very complex sphere.

I convey to them what is important when communicating with influencers

(which requires a lot of expertise, trust me :))

and how advertising on Instagram can be played and displayed via the Content Creator. In the next step I accompany the companies in the operative business (campaign management) and support them with strategic tips.


My goal is to learn or optimize the skills of influencer marketing for my clients and see myself as an interpreter between influencers and companies in order to achieve the best outcome. Because only when influencers and companies work hand in hand, the goals in influencer marketing can be achieved. 

My large network of advertisers from different areas makes it easier for customers to get into the Instagram world. He also benefits from my industry insights, which I have collected over the years, my sense of trends and my constantly growing wealth of experience.