Creative Consultant

“People don`t buy goods.

They buy relations, stories & magic.”* 

I like to help brands create beautiful content that attracts the right kind of attention. I design and produce creative content that promotes brands’ products in a unique way. Content marketing isn't the same as advertising or sale promotion. You want people to see your content, connect with your brand, and have an experience that will stay with them. You don't want them to walk away from it feeling as if you just tried to sell to them. 


Developing campaigns & projects which are distinguished by individual and authentic storytelling. Focused on smarter content strategies and richer visual narratives as well as by target-oriented steps and action through the digital field. 


My services contains:

  •  social campaign

  • channel management

  • social content and strategy.  

  • Photoshoot planning

  • Event planning


*Seth Godin